Meet the eco-conscious, ethical activewear brand Nature Hommage

Nature Hommage is a female-founded company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Born with the goal of creating ethical and recycled pieces that last. This sustainable activewear brand not only offers a range of beautiful neutral colours, inspired by the earth but is closing the circle of what sustainable brands should offer. 

Designed for ultimate performance and for a healthy planet. The aesthetic of our activewear is minimal, stylish and futuristic for a harmonized and feminine look. To have the right equipment and activewear can help you to create a great focus on your wellness, make you feel comfortable, and even, give you that extra confidence during a workout.

Most of today's brands are outpacing the sustainable capacity of our ecosystem, a state of mind that's won't take us far in our process of creating a balanced society. The fashion industry is the number one biggest violators of the environment and most of the clothing produced today is made from crude oil and newly produced materials.

Sustainability is key of Nature Hommage and every piece of their collection is made with recycled fabric. A high-techno fabric made out of recycled plastics called ECONYL®, which is made from regenerated plastic waste. The plastic is collected both from the sea and from landfills and then made into yarn in Italy.

Nature Hommage supports ethical working conditions and human rights. Everything is ethically produced in a family-owned factory in Bali. Their manufacturer was awarded the exemption by the gov. of Indonesia as they comply to all manpower regulation - paying employees well over the minimum wage, & offering a company insurance against doctors’ fees & prescription medication for not only each employee but also up to 4 family members.

Nature Hommage give 1 USD for your purchase to Plastic Bank, which means that 80 plastic bottles will be collected from the ocean. Plastic Bank alleviates poverty in countries such as Haiti and Indonesia. They also ship all items in 100% recycled packaging made out of stone paper.


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