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Why ‘Responsive Programming’ will take you to the higher echelons of mental and physical performance

Before and After photos, flawless and lean physiques on the front pages of magazines. These are something that we all aspire to. So much so, that the fitness industry has essentially exploded due to most people’s desire to get ripped. It’s great that people are wanting to improve their health and wellness.  

However, we also live in an age where we want things as quickly as possible. The number of weeks for a Body Transformation seems to be falling from 12 weeks to as little as 6 weeks!

At Holistic Motions, this obsession with trying to attain a physique in as short a time as possible, is something that concerns us. In fact, we gladly turn away clients who are looking to achieve rapid body transformations. This article will explain exactly why.

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Sustainability is important

We want to encourage you to enjoy the journey. We don’t care how long the journey is. We just want you to get there. Our approach is to coach you to be at your very best 1,3 to 5 years from now. Not just 12 weeks from now.

You’ve got to enjoy the journey!

When you become focused on achieving an aesthetic transformation, you’re suddenly confronted with a plethora of behaviour changes, that may be a huge departure from your current lifestyle.

This may cause you to think of spending hours in the gym, lifting weights, running on treadmills and hitting a certain number of steps every day. You immediately begin to visualise exercise as a chore- a means to an end. This is not what we want!

You have to see movement and exercise as something you enjoy doing. Something that you can engage with to generate maximum fulfilment.

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Learning a new skill is a great way to do this.

For example, when you make progress towards learning a new skill, such as a handstand or a martial art skill, dopamine is released. This is a feel-good/reward neurotransmitter, to make you aware of achieving something that should be progressed further. Exercise no longer becomes a chore or a means to an end, but something you want to maintain for the long term.

You may also begin to think of diets as placing new restrictions on the way you usually eat. This will likely cause you to have a miserable 12 weeks, if you even get that far without suffering from a relapse and devouring every cookie, brownie and Percy Pig in sight. We’ve all been there.

You have to slowly coach yourself to make dietary changes that you can maintain for the long term. Sure, 12 weeks of counting calories and hitting your macros will ensure you attain a certain physique. But can you really enter everything you eat into My Fitness Pal for the rest of your life? If your physique was attained through an unsustainable set of behaviours, you’re not likely to maintain your physique.

It’s time for you to develop a sustainable and healthy relationship with food.

Learn how food makes you feel and perform.

Learn to make healthy decisions based on intuition rather than from crude calculations of how much you should eat to be in a calorie deficit or surplus.

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Lifestyle is important.

Body Transformations require a meticulous approach to exercise and dieting for a prolonged period of time. It’s the dieting that’s the biggest struggle. Eating out and socialising with mates becomes a stressful situation. You get worried about what you can eat to hit your macros. You start to think of ways to avoid having dessert.

This shouldn’t be the case. You should be able to enjoy these occasions without having a feeling of guilt at the back of your mind. The key is to learn how to control the urge to indulge on a frequent basis. This is something we coach you to be aware of and to change.

Kemo Marriott is a Health and Fitness Consultant and Founder of Holistic Motions. He consults individuals to optimise their health, physique and energy levels